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Yahoo Mail used to be one of the leading email platforms, although it has lost ground in recent years to Gmail and Apple Mail. However, if you are looking for available email clients for your small business, this is worth considering.

While vendors such as Google and Microsoft offer small business email solutions as part of a suite of productivity tools, Yahoo offers small business email as a standalone product. In our Yahoo Mail review, we’ll look at its pricing, features, interface, security, and support, and whether it can reclaim its place among the best email providers.

Packages and prices

Yahoo Mail business pricing is now offered through Verizon Business and depends on the number of employees you want to create accounts for. Each user account is called a mailbox, and the more mailboxes you add, the lower the price per box.

A single mailbox costs £2.55 per month, or you can get five for £1.27 or 10 for 95p each per month. There are wholesale discounts for larger companies, but you must contact Verizon for a custom quote. These prices require at least a one-year subscription – you can pay monthly, although the prices are slightly higher. There is no price increase after the first year. When you set up your account, you can either link mailboxes to a domain you already own or purchase a domain alongside it.

Yahoo’s prices compare well to the competition. Google’s cheapest option costs £4.80 per user per month, and Microsoft 365’s starts at £4 per user per month. However, both of these options include a full suite of tools, such as Microsoft’s Office software and Google’s equivalents.


While other email providers have added advanced new features in recent years, such as Gmail’s smart suggestions, Yahoo Mail has been a bit stagnant. However, it has some useful functions.

Each mailbox comes with 1TB of email storage. By comparison, Gmail’s cheapest option only offers 30 GB of storage per user.

Many small businesses use personal email addresses, such as those ending in But with Yahoo’s business email, you can use your company domain in all addresses ([email protected], for example), which looks much more professional. It’s easy to link your Yahoo Mail business account to your business domain.

Up to 30 aliases can be configured for each address. These are separate email addresses that redirect to a mailbox. So, if Linda is responsible for sales, you can ask [email protected] to redirect to [email protected] However, unlike Gmail, an alias cannot send messages to multiple mailboxes.

Interface and in use

The setup process is relatively simple: once you’ve chosen your plan, you either purchase a domain name to go with it, or link your existing domain. You may need to update your settings with your existing domain registrar to allow Yahoo access. But after that, you can access both the administrator control panel and your user accounts.

Yahoo Mail’s main interface can be accessed through a web browser or mobile app. No desktop apps are available, but you can link your Yahoo account to other desktop software, such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

The interface is simple and pleasant to look at. It is customizable, with different color schemes, layouts and densities available to suit user preferences. Emails can be sorted into folders and subfolders, so it’s easy to stay organized. You can open messages in tabs, similar to web browser tabs, which is useful for multitasking.

However, advertisements constantly appear among your emails, both in your inbox and in other folders. These look like normal emails but are highlighted and can get irritating if you want to keep your inbox clean. There is no way to pay extra to remove them.

Yahoo Mail user interface


There are several articles on the Yahoo website that provide answers to common issues encountered by business email users, as well as a community forum. Yahoo always asks you to find answers here before allowing you to create a ticket to contact support.

If you need to contact support, via phone, chat or email, the quality of service may vary. Many customers have reported slow response times and outsourced technicians with limited knowledge.

Yahoo Mail support website


Yahoo Mail offers a few features to secure accounts. You can configure mailboxes to require two-factor authentication via SMS or use the convenient account key feature. This sends a notification to a mobile device when you try to connect, and you just tap the notification to confirm. The service also has effective spam filtering; almost all spam is identified and routed to the spam folder.

That said, those concerned about data privacy will not be satisfied with having their emails scanned for targeted ads. Yahoo Mail has also been subject to notable security breaches in the past, including in 2013 when over a billion user accounts were hacked. Yahoo fixed the weakness that allowed this to happen, although that doesn’t mean there aren’t more out there waiting to be exploited.

The competition

One of Yahoo Mail’s main competitors is Gmail, which is more expensive, with prices starting at £4.80 per user per month. That’s partly because it’s part of the Google Workspace suite. Still, it’s also worth noting that Gmail has several features that Yahoo Mail lacks, such as smart suggestions (a form of predictive text) and the ability to redirect aliases to multiple users.

Another competitor is Rackspace. Pricing is similar to Yahoo Mail, with prices starting at £1.60 per user per month. Its webmail interface is basic and lacking in features, but Rackspace Mail works well with various desktop clients, and security and support are both solid.

final verdict

Yahoo Mail is an efficient but basic email solution for small businesses. Its interface is well organized and easy to use, and each mailbox comes with an impressive amount of storage.

Unfortunately, it lacks the more advanced features recently added by its competitors. There are also valid concerns about the reliability of technical support and Yahoo’s history of security issues.

However, a significant advantage is that Yahoo Mail beats most competitors when it comes to price. If you want to set up email accounts for your business on a tight budget, this is an option worth considering.

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