Yahoo Mail down: Is Yahoo Mail not working? Problems hit users in the UK

UPDATE: The issues that plagued Yahoo Mail earlier today have now been resolved.

The Yahoo Care Twitter account posted: “We are happy to announce that the recent issue with Yahoo Mail has been resolved. Thanks for contacting us!

“We always strive to provide the best possible experience with our products and welcome your feedback.”

ORIGINAL: Reports of Yahoo Mail down are on the rise, with issues affecting users of rival Gmail in the UK. Independent outage monitor Down Detector recorded a spike in outage reports from Yahoo Mail that began around 4pm UK time. At the time of writing, Down Detector has seen a spike of over 2,200 reports from Yahoo Mail down.

According to statistics from Down Detector, the biggest problem affecting Yahoo Mail users today is related to login services.

As reported Yahoo Mail issues hit, users took to Twitter to talk about the issues they were facing and see if anyone else was having trouble.

One tweeted: “@YahooCare Yahoo Mail down for me error 15”.

While another posted: “@yahoomail are you having trouble with email as I can’t access it via phone or chromebook”.

One added, “Ugh #YahooMail is down.”

And another wrote: “@yahoomail any idea when ‘error 15’ will be fixed and emails will load again?”

As the problems arose, users reached out to the Yahoo Care Twitter account for help, which told one person that the “error 15” message was triggered by temporary issues.

The Yahoo Care Twitter account wrote, “Hello, sometimes glitches in Yahoo Mail can cause a temporary error. ‘Temporary error 15’, usually fixes itself within minutes to hours. In the meantime, here’s potential causes and our suggestions for solving the problem”.

Explaining how to fix temporary error message 15, Yahoo offers the following tips…

Sometimes problems in Yahoo Mail can cause a temporary error. “Temporary error 15”, usually corrects itself within minutes to hours. In the meantime, here are the potential causes and our suggestions for fixing the problem.

Possible causes

Using a web browser not supported by Yahoo Mail

Access your Yahoo Mail account simultaneously from 2 different browsers.

Access your Yahoo Mail on multiple devices simultaneously from multiple locations.

Possible Fixes

Restart your web browser.

Clear your web browser’s cache.

Make sure you are using a supported web browser and operating system (OS).

Log out of all devices and log back into Yahoo Mail to see if the error is gone.

If the problem persists, we recommend using an email app like the Yahoo Mail email app for iOS and Android or the native email app on your smartphone or tablet.