Yahoo voted best site to check if your internet is working again

NEW YORK – Venerable Internet portal has won the People’s Choice Webby Award for “Best Site to Check to See if Your Internet is Working Again,” a spokesperson for the awards organization said.

“It’s a great honor to present this award to Yahoo, which has been here for decades to let us know that yes, we can resume surfing the Internet after an outage,” said Phillis Dowell, spokesperson for the Webby Awards. . “ narrowly edged out competitors and as websites that no one really goes to anymore, but remembers well enough to use as a test. We wish them continued, slight relevance.

Yahoo CEO Jim Lanzone accepted the award with equal pride and frustration.

“To be completely honest, this award is quite insulting. But these days we have to take all the wins we can get. So thank you,” conceded Lanzone, who has reportedly already cleared a spot for the award on a coat over his desk.” I would like to remind people that we still have some useful stuff on our site – Yahoo Finance is always a great hub for information, and I invite you to create money burner accounts. additional yahoo mail for porn sites and so on. Please use our website.

IT pros have pointed to the usefulness of having a list of infrequently visited websites to confirm network connectivity changes.

“If your internet connection is down, you can’t just access your familiar websites because they may be cached by your browser. This will make your internet look like it’s working fine when it isn’t. “Said Bob Mott, Chief Technology Officer at Meadows Financial. “This makes Yahoo a prime candidate to see if your local network can communicate with the outside world. It’s a shame, because I remember when Yahoo was a search engine comparable to Google. Now it’s mostly celebrity clicks and baby boomer emails. Sometimes, if I’m feeling really wild, I’ll visit for the good old days. I have to start writing my will.

Yahoo’s stock rose 73% on the heels of an announcement that Jim Lanzone is enjoying more nostalgia by bringing Yahoo’s online pool game Flash.