Yahoo brings its post-cookie ID to Salesforce

Yahoo is bringing its advertising ID to Salesforce’s marketing cloud to expand adoption of the advertising tool which is becoming an increasingly sought-after option as cookies disappear online.

Yahoo today announced that it will distribute its ConnectID through Salesforce’s AppExchange, where advertisers can use it to match their ads with audiences on publisher websites. The new agreement allows Salesforce customers, who are brands, to apply the Yahoo ID to their marketing. “The integration allows all of these brands to activate without a cookie,” said Iván Markman, Yahoo‘s chief commercial officer.

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Yahoo is developing its ID system as the backbone of its ad technology platform, which works on the demand side, working with advertisers and publishers who place programmatic ads. Salesforce has developed new ways to work with proprietary credentials within its widely used customer relationship management platform.

Yahoo said 1,300 advertisers and agencies and 12,000 publishers work with ConnectID. And Yahoo notes that it reaches 240 million people worldwide through its own properties, where people are connected to Yahoo services.