Xbox Cloud games can now be launched directly via Bing search

Xbox is making progress in integrating its PC, console and cloud ecosystems.

Xbox Cloud Gaming now allows gamers to directly access games from Bing search results.

Spotted by Thurrot, you can search for a game via Bing search and it will now show a separate banner in the search results with a “Play” button next to the game listing (as long as it’s available of course). Clicking it takes you to the game’s Xbox Store listing from which players can launch it. However, players will need to be signed into their Microsoft account and have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

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According to a user’s post on the Thurrott forums, this integration has been around since June but has only been revealed now. Its tests have also shown that it supports Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. However, it looks like it’s only available in certain locations at the moment. Trying it from India, your writer found no such integration active when using Bing. Indeed, Xbox Cloud Gaming is only available in 28 countries so far, and mine is not one of them.


Furthermore, the cloud gaming market is currently in the spotlight thanks to the release of a major player in the form of Google Stadia. The decision to pull out was unsurprising, however, given its low user count. But the shutdown has left gamers scrambling to salvage years of their game saves hanging by a thread as they beg game developers to help them migrate everything to a different platform. Fortunately, some developers are already working towards this and will hopefully have a solution soon.

Despite Stadia’s release, a recent report suggested that the general sentiment about cloud gaming remains positive. One of the reasons behind this is Google’s decision to refund all Stadia customers. He also predicted that the industry is expected to grow further and is expected to generate around $8.5 billion by 2025.

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