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Will the stop autoplay feature make a comeback in Google Chrome for Android?

Moshe Jacobs


November 5, 2021 4:48 AM EDT

Android mobile users previously had access to a stop autoplay feature in the Google Chrome browser, which was apparently removed some time ago. New information unearthed by a reddit user seems to indicate that the stop autoplay feature may be making a comeback after all.

Going through the code changes, reddit user u / Leopeva64-2 found some information that may indicate the stop autoplay feature, but with several added options to choose from.

Image via Reddit

Some of the options found include:

  • All sites will be able to automatically read all content
  • All the sites will be able to read the content automatically but with the sound muted by default
  • User-specified sites will be allowed to automatically play all content
  • User-specified sites will not be able to automatically read all content
  • Don’t allow any site to automatically play content
  • Let Google Chrome decide which sites can automatically read content

These options, assuming they are published, are similar to the Firefox browser for Android. At this time, it’s unclear whether this set of options will be integrated into the desktop Google Chrome browser natively.

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