Which email has more free storage – Gmail or Yahoo Mail?

Gmail and Yahoo Mail are two of the biggest email providers on the planet. But which of these two email titans gives you the most free storage?

Both Gmail and Yahoo Mail are extremely popular email providers, supporting BILLIONS of email addresses and, possibly, trillions of emails sent and received every day. Both are widely used by millions of users on desktop computers and through apps on phones. But which email provider among these two offers the most free storage?

I admit, before writing this post, I was strongly against Yahoo – for various reasons. I also really like all the extra extras you get with a Gmail account; things like access to Google Drive and so on. But what I didn’t realize was how stingy Google is with its email storage allocations.

Which email offers more free storage – Gmail or Yahoo Mail?

If all you care about is free storage in your email account, Yahoo Mail is the clear winner by a considerable margin. With a free Yahoo Mail account, you’ll get 1TB of free storage. With Gmail, you’re limited to just 15GB. And if you go over 15GB, you’ll be forced to purchase additional storage from Google.

Whichever way you slice it, 1TB versus 15GB is pretty big, and I’ll be the first to admit that I had no idea Yahoo offered so much free email storage. I knew Google had storage limits on Google Drive, which is understandable, but I didn’t realize those limits applied to emails in Gmail. That’s enough to really make you think about the amount of useless emails you receive!

Added Extras – How Gmail and Yahoo Compare

Gmail and Yahoo Mail are not limited to emails. Yahoo has gone to great lengths to make its Yahoo Mail app a kind of centralized hub for all your internet activities. In Yahoo Mail, you can quickly access things like a calendar, notepad, and a number of other Yahoo apps like news, finance, sports, fantasy, politics, and celebrities.

With Gmail you have chat (IM) functionality, so you can quickly connect and IM with your contacts, as well as full access to Google’s productivity suite, Google Drive. In Google Drive, you can basically create any type of document, from spreadsheets to presentations, articles and blog posts. It’s a brilliant suite of tools.

If you are using an Android phone, you will automatically have a Gmail account – you must have one to use an Android phone. That’s part of the reason Gmail is so popular. Google basically forced billions of people to adopt Gmail in order to use its Android operating system, which is currently the most widely used mobile operating system on the planet.

Which is more secure?

Yahoo doesn’t have a particularly good track record when it comes to security. He suffered one of the biggest PR disasters in email history in 2014 when he exposed over 500 million accounts to hackers. It was huge news at the time and many users probably gave up on Yahoo and switched to Microsoft’s Gmail or Outlook.

And then, again, in 2016, over 200 million Yahoo Mail accounts, complete with passwords and usernames were discovered on the Dark Web. None of these incidents did Yahoo any favors. Email is an extremely private thing and the thought of exposing your email account to potential hackers or the dark web is neither very pleasant nor comforting. Not to mention the fact that it’s happened twice in as many years.

With Gmail, things are much better from a security perspective. Gmail hasn’t suffered any embarrassing data breaches except for the Google API hack in 2018, but it had no effect on Google’s Gmail service or the accounts that use it. In this regard, it would seem that Gmail, at least from a historical perspective, is the more secure of the two email providers. Gmail also has a bunch of additional security features that can be easily enabled as well.

Is Gmail better than Yahoo Mail?

In terms of email, Gmail and Yahoo Mail both have their advantages. They both do email very well, for example, and you could argue that Yahoo actually has better organizational controls in there. But when it comes to apps like productivity apps and general security, Gmail is clearly the better option, although it lags behind in the amount of free storage you get for them. emails.

I’ve used both Yahoo and Gmail and I now pretty much use Gmail and The enterprise version of Google, Workspace, more or less exclusively. The main reason for this is Google Drive – I just use it to organize and manage my businesses. The second reason is that I trust Google more than Yahoo when it comes to protecting my data. Yahoo has a lot to do in this context to prove that it is trustworthy again.

Of course, you may have different opinions. A lot of people don’t like Google at all, or the way it handles and processes data. But in that context, it’s really a hell of a deal, you know. And after several Yahoo security breaches over the past decade, I think it’s pretty safe to say that your email account will be safer if it’s managed by Google in Gmail.