What is the meaning of “Bing Bong” and why all this on TikTok?

Viral trends come and go on social media all the time, but the latest TikTok trend seems to be here to stay after it becomes a battle cry for Knicks fans.

You might have seen people on TikTok refer to “Bing Bong” and wondered what’s going on on earth. Here’s all you need to know …

Where does the sound of Bing Bong TikTok come from?

The video began when “SideTalkNYC” uploaded a video of Knicks fans celebrating their victory outside of a game.

Fans can all be seen screaming excitedly at the camera while bragging about their victory, however, all a fan can manage to say is “Bing Bong”.

This short adage is said alongside a straight face which only adds to the hilarity of the situation. The phrase was picked up by fans around the world and “Bing Bong” became popular among Knicks fans.

However, as always, the video went viral on social media and suddenly TikTok and Twitter filled with clips of people recreating the “Bing Bong” video.

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“Bing Bong” Takes Control of the Internet

After the “Bing Bong” joke began to circulate on the Internet, the official New York Knicks Twitter page decided to jump on the bandwagon.

They posted a video of a Knicks player shooting a basket and subtitle he: “Bing Bong.” The video garnered over 60,000 views as fans responded to the tweet.

New shooter Evan Fournier also joined in the “Bing Bong” hype, tweeting in October 2021: “Big TEAM win tonight !! Bing bong!”

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