New Bing Maps features could help small businesses and travelers

Bing Maps recently introduced new features that could help small businesses attract more customers by helping travelers find their way more easily.

New Bing Maps features could help small businesses and travelers

The new “experiments” as Bing calls them include a distance calculator app, a gas price map app, and a parking finder map app. As the name suggests, they help travelers know how far away certain locations are, as well as where to get good gas prices along the way and where to park at their destination.

New features make travel easier

Small businesses can expect more out-of-town visitors with the new features, as it will help people enjoy travel beyond their local neighborhood without worrying about travel logistics.

Knowing the exact distance, where to fuel up and where to park helps plan a quick trip with Bing Maps much easier for people who like to go out and have fun in new places.

Find the nearest and cheapest gas stations

Using an example trip from Seattle to San Diego, Bing explains how the Gas Prices Map app works: “The Gas Prices Map feature is pretty self explanatory – it finds gas prices within a 5 mile radius around where you are searching. It also serves as a gas station finder app. So we’ll take a closer look at the start of our Seattle itinerary and find the nearest gas station with the best price. Because we can have two map applications running simultaneously in different browser pages, we can always see our route from Seattle to San Diego on the map. This allows us to see where these gas stations are in relation to our route. So while Union 76 is $5.90 a gallon there is a Shell station that is $5.52 a gallon and that’s a significant difference of 38 cents a gallon so it pays to shop around before you go .

“Starting the Gas Price Map app loads all gas stations as soon as you ask for it; it’s as fast as the Distance Calculator app because they’re all supported by Bing Places and Bing Maps. notice the brand icons on the left navigation panel with name, address and price information per station as well as pins on the map, clicking on one of the pins will bring up a legend that will give you the same information, plus the last date and time the information was updated. There is also a link to get driving directions from Bing Maps. Clicking on any of the gas stations found in the app’s left navigation will recenter the card at the corresponding service station.

Find the perfect parking spot

The Parking Finder Map application not only helps you find a place to park the car, but also uses contextual business information such as addresses, opening hours and telephone numbers, which are listed on the side of the map.

Hovering over each P-shaped pin on the map will provide the contextual information, as well as information on what type of parking lot it is. It will tell you whether it is indoor or outdoor, self-parking or valet parking, as well as the types of payments accepted.

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