Microsoft’s Bing Maps can now ease some of your pain at the gas pump

Does anyone actually use Bing Maps? I mean, I’m sure some people do (don’t they?), but I’ve never come across any in my travels. In my experience, most people use Google Maps or Apple Maps – I prefer the latter.

However, with some new features added to Bing Maps, it might finally be time to consider trying Microsoft’s offering. You see, the Windows maker has added new things like a parking finder and a distance calculator to its app.

While both of these new features are great, the really exciting addition is gas price! Yes, Microsoft is tackling one of the biggest problems facing consumers today by displaying gas prices in Bing Maps. With gas prices at an all-time high, drivers will likely appreciate any tool that can ease the pain at the pump, even the goddamn Bing.

“The Gas Price Map feature is pretty self-explanatory – it finds gas prices within a 5-mile radius of where you’re looking. It doubles as a gas station finder app, so we’ll take a look at closer to the start of our route in Seattle and find the closest gas station with the best price.Because we can have two map applications running simultaneously in different browser pages, we can always see our route from Seattle to San Diego on the map. This allows us to see where these gas stations are relative to our route. So while the Union 76 costs $5.90 a gallon, there is a Shell station that costs $5.52 a gallon , which is a significant difference of 38 cents per gallon, so it pays to shop around before you go,” Explain Microsoft.

The Windows maker adds: “Starting the Gas Prices Map application loads all gas stations as soon as you request it; it’s as fast as the Distance Calculator app because they are all supported by Bing Places and Bing Maps. You will notice the brand icons. on the left navigation panel with name, address and price information by station as well as pins on the map. Clicking on any of the pins will bring up a caption that will give you the same information, along with the last date and time the information was updated. There is also a link to get directions from Bing Maps. By clicking on one of the gas stations found in the left navigation of the application, you will recenter the map on the corresponding gas station.

While the added capabilities to find parking, calculate distances, and show gas prices are certainly helpful, it’s probably not enough to entice people to switch to Bing…sorry, Microsoft. But hey, maybe I’m wrong and people will change. Please let me know in the comments below if these new features will get you to try out Bing Maps.

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