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Microsoft is doing THIS to block Minecraft players from using Google Chrome

In a shocking development, a Reddit post revealed that Microsoft Bing is now targeting Minecraft players to get them away from the Google Chrome browser.

When it comes to search engine wars, Google is the clear winner. But Microsoft has done its fair share to try to lure users to its native search engine, Microsoft Bing. And part of that marketing endeavor has been the classic “rewards” strategy. Microsoft is known to offer Microsoft Rewards on every search on Bing that can be redeemed for gift cards at Amazon, Starbucks, and other major retailers. But now it looks like Microsoft is targeting a very specific demographic, Minecraft gamers, with an enticing strategy that just might work. Read on to find out what they are planning.

According to a report from TechCrunch, a post surfaced on Reddit earlier this week on a subreddit called “pcmasterrace”. The post, by TrueTech0, was a screenshot of the Microsoft Rewards website where Microsoft was seen offering 330 Minecoins in exchange for searching with Bing on the Microsoft Edge browser for five days. Note that we have not been able to personally verify this offer, so we cannot say for sure that this offer exists.

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Microsoft Bing aims to lure Minecraft players with Minecoins

Although this strategy is not new, there is a slight concern. The TechCrunch report points out that the offer only makes sense for Minecraft Bedrock Edition players, as the Java Edition already provides access to free mods. The Bedrock Edition is playable on consoles and handhelds and generally appeals to younger audiences, although this is not an exclusive demographic of the game. But with a high volume of young audiences, the strategy to steer them away from Google Chrome and the Google search engine might be better received, as children might not have the sensitivity to hold back from the temptation.

However, it should be noted that this does not make this strategy bad, as many companies do. And finally, if the final product is not as good, users always tend to go back to their original choice. It will be interesting to see if this offer switches a significant number of Minecraft players to the Microsoft ecosystem or not.

But why does Microsoft offer free in-game currency as a reward for free service? Microsoft suffers a loss on the free search engine because for the company, the real asset is the information it will obtain from users. Much like Google, if enough people use the Microsoft Bing browser, the company will be able to discover their likes, dislikes, preferences and more – valuable data for businesses in screening potential customers.