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Microsoft Bing InPrivate extension is coming to Google Chrome

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has a new extension for Google Chrome. Known as Microsoft Bing InPrivatethe new extension lets you perform private and anonymous Bing searches in Chrome without linking the data to your Microsoft account or device.

As you’d expect, once installed, the extension does three different things. First, your default search engine will be set to Bing, whenever the extension is enabled. You will also get anonymous search, where Microsoft account sign-in is disabled and your search history is omitted on Finally, you get one-click access to other privacy preferences in Chrome, like passwords, history, cookies, and more.

Interestingly, since Chrome extensions work fine on Edge, you can also use this extension in Microsoft’s web browser. Yet Edge blocks the default installation and forces you to manually enable it, as it attempts to override search engines by default. Otherwise, the extension behaves exactly like on Chrome.

At the time of writing, this extension has a total of 44 users and a five-star genetic review from six days ago. However, Google Chrome already has an Incognito mode that users can toggle to access Bing with functions similar to this extension. So, it’s just another useful tool if you’re really privacy conscious and prefer to use Microsoft Bing.

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