Microsoft Bing “filter by date” option unavailable or missing

Being one of the most popular search engines in the world comes with a lot of responsibilities. Microsoft Bing has proven this time and time again.

Bing provides a number of ways to perform advanced searches that significantly narrow results. Ultimately, showing the answers that a user might be most interested in.

For example, you can find news on trending topics with Bing‘s advanced search filters. You can sort the searches by the most recent and even filter out anything that is relatively older.

That said, some of the filters like “filter by date” don’t seem to be available on Bing for many users.

Microsoft Bing’s “filter by date” option is not available

Users are reporting an issue where they cannot filter their Microsoft Bing searches by date.


Usually, a drop-down menu appears when searching on Bing where users can narrow searches based on date and other categories.

But the drop-down menu has apparently disappeared from all searches. You can check out some of the reports of the same below or on the Microsoft Community Forum.

No date filter on search results? It is a fatal flaw. I need to get up to date information on a wildfire near our home, but all I get is information on fires from past years. What’s most discouraging is Microsoft’s refusal to even acknowledge what they’ve done. I loved Bing until now, but now I have to migrate to Duck Duck Go so I can get search results I can use. Microsoft, are you there? Answer please.

Yes me too; very boring. This renders Bing unusable and forces me – against my will – to Please correct this

The “filter by date” option also seems unavailable on other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.

I have the same problem in ALL browsers (safari, edge, chrome, firefox) on ALL devices. No date option. No matter logged in with the MS account or not. It prevents me from using Bing.

It gets even more frustrating for those whose default search engine is Bing. This hampers the research process for many of those affected.

Potential workaround

Luckily, we have found a workaround that may help fix the problem temporarily.


In other words, the query parameter of the URL can be changed manually.

As Microsoft has not yet acknowledged the problem, affected users can try the aforementioned workaround to see if it actually fixes the problem.

We’ll keep an eye out for further developments and update the article whenever something noteworthy arises.

Featured image source: Bing

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