Microsoft Bing does not support the data-nosnippet HTML attribute

While Google supports the HTML data-nosnippet attributeMicrosoft Bing does not, clarified Fabrice Canel of Microsoft on Twitter.

The data-nosnippet attribute allows you to designate text portions of an HTML page not to be used as a snippet in search results in Google, but it doesn’t work for Bing.

Fabrice Canel said “We do not support the data-nosnippet tag.”

For Google, the help doc explains that you can designate textual parts of an HTML page not to be used as a snippet. This can be done at the HTML element level with the data-nosnippet HTML attribute on span, div and section elements. The data-nosnippet is considered a boolean attribute. As with all Boolean attributes, any specified value is ignored. To ensure machine readability, the HTML section must be valid HTML and all appropriate tags must be closed accordingly. Google generally renders pages in order to index them, but rendering is not guaranteed. For this reason, data-nosnippet extraction can occur both before and after rendering. To avoid rendering uncertainty, do not add or remove the data-nosnippet attribute from existing nodes via JavaScript. When adding DOM elements via JavaScript, include the data-nosnippet attribute if needed when initially adding the element to the page’s DOM. If custom elements are used, wrap or render them with div, span or section elements if you need to use data-nosnippet.

Again, Microsoft Bing does not listen to this attribute.

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