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McLaren’s new Google Chrome wheels make it clear F1 cars need RGB lighting

There are PC gamers who hate RGB lighting. There are also PC gamers, like me, who are ready for RGB light anything. RGB lights on non-gaming products like ties (opens in a new tab) or toilet (opens in a new tab) make my life worth living. So you can imagine my excitement when I first saw McLaren’s new F1 hubcaps and thought, “Those crazy bastards have done it; they’ve added RGB to a race car. ” Sadly, it’s not actually RGB, just a cool by-product of some weird sponsorship, but it got me thinking.

On Wednesday, the McLaren Formula 1 team announced a two-year contract partnership with Google (opens in a new tab) and Android. McLaren will put the companies’ branding on its cars for the 2022 F1 season as part of the deal, and that branding includes these Google Chrome, non-RGB themed wheel covers.

When you first look at the photos released by McLaren, the spinning Chromo icon looks very much like the tires of the MCL36 Formula 1 race car that have been dazzled by RGB lighting. I can only imagine that at 200MPH the wheels will look like Corsair’s giant desk fan (opens in a new tab).

Considering the McLaren driver Lando Norris (opens in a new tab) is a great gamer, I’m sure he would love to drive a car with RGB on it. Let me imagine them going wild and hooking up the RGBs to their diagnostic systems so the lights act almost like a health indicator for the car. Fans watching in the stands or on TV could see things like tire degradation or engine issues in real time. Imagine seeing a car glow bright blue or something every time it gets close enough to another car to activate DRS. It adds to the drama but also keeps the crowd on a loop.

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If we have to endure helmets, cars, and suits covered top to bottom in boring sponsor logos, let’s spice things up and add some Cyberpunk 2077-esqe weirdness to sports, neon, and all.

Don’t get me started on how we can make MLB and NHL games 10 times more fun by having baseballs and hockey pucks change color based on how hard they are hit. I’m full of understated million dollar ideas.

Guess it’s only a matter of time before Razer or HyperX become an F1 team sponsor, and the hope of seeing Charles Leclerc’s helmet light up to reflect his mood during a race seems suddenly more likely.