How to set Bing wallpaper as desktop background Windows 10 2022

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Check how to set Bing wallpaper as Windows 10 desktop background

Bing may never be the legitimate Google competitor it hopes to be, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft’s search engine doesn’t have some great credentials. For example, those beautiful daily backgrounds on the main search page look great, and with a few tweaks, you can make them appear as your desktop background. Bing has an official wallpaper app that lets you automatically set your desktop background to the daily wallpaper. This article shows you how to use this application and alternatively a daily changing dynamic desktop background in Windows.

Whether the Bing search engine is better than Google is debatable. However, Bing’s random wallpapers that change daily make it more visually appealing than Google, if nothing else. and browse other images in the collection. Bing is known for its great backgrounds used as your daily image. The collection includes many beautiful images from around the world. Microsoft has released a new Bing Wallpaper app for desktop. The app lets you set your daily Bing image as your desktop background. As soon as Bing gets a new “daily” image, it will automatically be set as the wallpaper in Windows 10.

How to Set Bing Wallpapers as Desktop Background in Windows 10

  • Download the Bing Wallpaper app from the Microsoft site. For that, visit this page and then click on the Install Now button. The Bingwallpaper.exe installer file will be downloaded to your computer.
  • Double click to launch Bing Wallpaper and this is how the home screen appears.
  • On the installation screen, if desired, uncheck the boxes for Set Bing as your homepage and Set Bing as your default search provider options, then click the Install Now button to start the installations.
  • Once you click the finish button to complete the installation, the Bing image of the day will be instantly set as your Windows 10 desktop background. You will find the Bing watermark on your desktop.
  • The Bing Wallpaper app stores all Bing wallpapers in the following directory:
    • C:UsersvineyAppDataLocalMicrosoftBingWallpaperAppWPImages
  • To manage the application, you need to open the system tray by clicking on the up arrow icon available in the notification area of ​​the Windows 10 taskbar.
  • Here, click on the available Bing wallpaper icon to find more options.
  • Next, click the Previous icon to set the previous images as your desktop background. Apart from that, you will also get image information.
  • For reference, you can see the screenshot below which shows that my Windows desktop background and background are the same.
  • You can click on the Quit option if you want to stop the app from running in the background.
  • You can launch the app from the start menu or search for it using the start menu search bar and open it. The steps for uninstalling the Bing wallpaper app are similar to any other app installed on your computer.
  • Another shortcoming is that you see the “b” as a Bing watermark on your desktop. But if you can live with that, you’ll still have the current images as the background image on your desktop.

Final Words: How to Set Bing Wallpaper as Windows 10 Desktop Background

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