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How to Restore Multiple Closed Tabs at Once in Google Chrome for Android

If you’ve ever used Google Chrome for Android’s “close all tabs” feature or closed a group of tabs, you might have noticed that there’s no easy way to restore multiple closed tabs at once.

Chrome can separate tabs into groups by default, and it’s quite easy to close a group containing multiple tabs. The tab switcher menu includes an option to close all open tabs, which is another way to close multiple tabs at once in the browser.

While it’s possible to restore individual tabs in Chrome for Android, there was no option to restore all recently closed tabs at once.

The desktop version of Chrome supports the feature just like other browsers for desktop but also for Android.

Google has added an experimental feature to its Chrome for Android browser that introduces bulk tab restore functionality. Using it, Chrome users can restore closed tab groups and other tabs in bulk.

How to Enable Bulk Tab Restore in Chrome for Android

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Note: Experimental features may be removed at any time without notice. Although this is not usually the case, it is something users should be aware of.

  1. Open Chrome web browser on Android; the experimental indicator is available in the latest stable versions of Chrome and all development versions.
  2. Load chrome://flags in the address bar of the web browser.
  3. Search for “Bulk Restore Recent Tabs”.
  4. Set the flag status to Enabled.
  5. Enable the restart button to restart the Chrome web browser.

You can restore closed tabs in Chrome in bulk after reboot. Here is one way to do it:

  1. Select Menu > Recent Tabs in Google Chrome.
  2. Chrome displays the list of recently closed tabs, including tab groups. A single click on one of the groups restores all the tabs it includes.

You’ll find similar options when opening a new tab or using the tab switcher. Simply activate the three-dot menu and select the recent tabs option that appears.

Closing words

The new Bulk Restore option makes it easier to restore multiple tabs in Chrome, especially if they were accidentally closed. For now, it is necessary to activate the experimental feature before it becomes available.

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How to Restore Multiple Closed Tabs at Once in Google Chrome for Android

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Google has added support for restoring multiple closed tabs simultaneously in the company’s Chrome web browser for Android.


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