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How to Fix Error 429, Too Many Requests on Google Chrome

If you can’t open a web page or web service and Google Chrome shows 429 is an errorhere’s what you need to know and what you can do about it.

429 is an error, we are sorry, but you have sent us too many requests recently, please try again.

Error 429, too many requests can occur due to daily limits per user, including mail sending limits, bandwidth limits, or a limit of concurrent requests per user. It can also happen if the website is overloaded with too many requests and cannot respond to yours.

How to Fix Error 429, Too Many Requests on Google Chrome

Typically, message 429, Too many requests seen in the Google Chrome browser is not exactly an error but a response from a server or an API, signaling the client application to stop making requests because it does not have sufficient resources to deal with them. It is therefore a kind of safeguard measure preventing users from misusing server resources, knowingly or unknowingly, by sending too many requests to the server.

  1. Wait a moment then try again
  2. Clear your browser cache and history
  3. Check if the proxy or other VPN services are active
  4. Connect through another network or hotspot.

encounter errors such as Google Chrome Error 429, Too many requests on a website you are trying to access can be quite frustrating. Try the solutions above and see if it helps.

1]Wait a moment, then try again

Wait a bit, then try again and see if that helps.

2]Clear browser cache and history

Clear browsing data

Every browser is subject to a few shortcomings and Chrome is no exception to this rule. Corrupted cache and cookies can sometimes end up causing Google Chrome Error 429 error. However, it can be easily fixed by clearing browser cache and history.

3]Check if the proxy or other VPN services are active

Like plugins and add-ons, using a proxy configuration or VPN service can create compatibility issues and prevent you from accessing a web page in Chrome, resulting in the code error 429. So check if a proxy or other VPN services are active. If so, you will need to disable them.

You can check it by going to Settings > Network & Internet > VPN or Proxy.

4]Connect via another network or hotspot.

If the above solutions don’t work, try switching to another Wi-Fi network or turning on Personal Hotspot. Strangely, this trick works in most cases.

What is error code 11 in Chrome?

It’s an update error. So, if you are having trouble updating Chrome on your computer, you may see the following error:

  • Update failed: Updates are disabled by the administrator.
  • Update failed (Error: 3 or 11) An error occurred while checking for updates: the update server is not available.

What is Code 12 Denied?

This is a code related to “Invalid credit card transaction, mainly seen when the issuing bank does not accept a transaction.

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429 Too many requests