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How to enlarge image thumbnails in Google Chrome, Edge and Firefox

A thumbnail is a reduced size copy of an image. Many websites and search engines include small thumbnails to display image previews. For example, a Google image search shows thumbnail previews for slightly larger images on their websites.

Since thumbnails are usually quite small, it would be nice if Chrome, Firefox, and Edge included options or features to make them bigger. However, none of these browsers include features that allow their users to enlarge thumbnails. Nevertheless, you can still enlarge thumbnails in these browsers by adding useful extensions to them.

How to enlarge thumbnails with PhotoShow

PhotoShow is an extension that you can install on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. This extension expands thumbnails on websites when you hover over them. It works on over 140 website domains. You can install PhotoShow by clicking the Add to Where Obtain buttons on download pages for browsers linked below.

After installing PhotoShow, click the Extensions button in Chrome or Edge. You will see there the Photo Show button, which you can add to the toolbar by clicking Pin in Chrome or Edge Show in toolbar option. In Firefox, add-on buttons automatically appear on the toolbar.

The BBC website is a good site to try out the extension as it includes many thumbnails. Open the home page of this site, then move your cursor over a thumbnail. You will see that the extension enlarges the thumbnail by displaying a larger version of the image just above, below, to the left or to the right of it.

PhotoShow offers mini, light, and pan enlargement modes for thumbnails. Mini is the smallest mode that displays images enlarged to one eighth of the area outside the thumbnail. Panoramic is the largest that displays a thumbnail at its original size.

You can change mode by clicking on the Photo Show button and selecting mini, light, PanoramicWhere Auto (one of three) in the extension settings.

PhotoShow also lets you rotate enlarged thumbnail images. To do this, hover the mouse cursor over a thumbnail to rotate. Then press the Gap + CTRL + Where arrow key combination for rotate enlarged image.

You can select additional options from PhotoShow’s context menu. Right-click on a thumbnail on a website and select it Photo Show submenu. Then you can select Open HD image in a new tab, Save HD Imageand Copy HD image address options.

You can disable PhotoShow’s thumbnail magnification when you don’t want it for a specific website. press the Photo Show expansion button, then click the toggle switch at the top of its settings. To disable its thumbnail magnification more extensively, deselect the Enable Basic Support on Unknown Websites option.

To download: PhotoShow for Google Chrome | Edge | firefox (Free)

How to enlarge thumbnails with Imagus

Imagus is an alternative thumbnail enlarger extension for Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. This extension works similarly to PhotoShow, but you will have to use its keyboard shortcuts more to expand the thumbnails. You can check out Imagos by downloading it from the pages linked below.

To try Imagis, open Google and enter a keyword in this search engine. Click on Pictures to display thumbnail previews of images matching the keyword. Then hover your cursor over a thumbnail to display an overlay image for it.

Overlaid images won’t look much larger than their thumbnails. To expand them, you’ll need to enable the extension’s full zoom mode. press the Z after hovering your cursor over a thumbnail. This will centralize the popup image and allow you to enlarge it. To enlarge the superimposed image, press the button + key to zoom. By pressing the (minus) zooms out

You can also rotate and flip pictures with the keys on the keyboard. Hurry R to rotate them to the right and E to turn left. The Q the key flips an image vertically, and pressing O will flip it horizontally.

There are various other keyboard shortcuts for Imagos. To view its list of keyboard shortcuts, right-click the Imagus extension button to select Choice. Select the Shortcuts to display the list of keyboard shortcuts for the extension.

Imagus will work on at least the 318 websites listed in this extension’s tab. To view this list of supported sites, click Sieve next to the Shortcuts tongue. Then you can enter a site in the search box on this tab to check if it is listed there.

To further configure the extension, select Preferences on the imagus tongue. There you can configure settings for image captions and appearance of extension popups. It also includes options to change how zoomable items are marked and enable its full zoom mode with the right mouse button.

To download: Picture for Google Chrome | Edge | firefox (Free)

How to enlarge thumbnails with image zoom

The Zoom Image add-on is exclusively available for Mozilla Firefox. It’s a bit different from PhotoShow and Imagus because it doesn’t enlarge images when you hover the cursor over them. Instead, its users can expand the thumbnails by selecting Zoom Image context menu options. Click on the link below and select Add to Firefox to install Zoom Image.

Search images using Google or Bing to try Zoom Image. To expand a thumbnail preview in the search results, right-click it and select ZoomImage. Then select the Size x 2.0 ability to display an enlarged image twice as large as its thumbnail. You can click again on this same option to increase the size of the image even more.

Unlike Imgus and PhotoShow, Zoom Image allows you to move enlarged images. Left-click on an enlarged image and hold the mouse button down to drag the image into your browser. To restore a thumbnail to its default size and position, select the ZoomImage > Original Size / Normal Size options.

Image rotation options are also available in ZoomImage’s context menu. Select both 90 degree rot options to rotate the image 90 degrees left or right. You can rotate images 180 degrees by clicking rot180deg option in the context menu.

There are also more direct mouse controls for these options. You can view the extension’s list of commands by right-clicking an image and selecting ZoomImage > Open settings. Click it Exchange order checkboxes on the Choice tab to modify the commands of the different features.

To download: Enlarge image (Free)

Make thumbnails bigger and better in Chrome, Firefox and Edge

You can make website thumbnails clearer by enlarging them with PhotoShow, Imagus, and ZoomImage extensions. Whether you’re browsing image search results, online photo galleries, or other thumbnail-filled sites, these add-ons are sure to come in handy.

So, check them out if you’re looking for a way to display thumbnails better in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. And if you need to manage other thumbnails online, you can always download them.