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How to Enable Tab Audio Muting in Google Chrome?

Hearing audio coming out of nowhere is one of the most annoying things to deal with. This usually happens when a website starts playing a video and users have no idea where it came from. In Google Chrome, to mute the sound, you must right-click on the browser tab and click on Mute Site or Unmute Site. It’s bulky, and that’s where the Tab Audio Muting feature helps. This article will guide you on how you can enable Tab Audio Muting in Google Chrome.

What is tab mute?

Tab Mute Audio or Tab Mute Audio UI Control allows users to instantly mute a tab where audio can be heard. Whenever a website plays audio, a speaker icon appears on this tab. This feature allows you to quickly mute or re-enable a tab by clicking the speaker icon (audio cue) directly on the tab rather than right-clicking the tab and selecting to mute or re-enable a tab. site.

How to Enable Tab Audio Muting in Google Chrome

Audio Mute UI Control Tab

While enabling the feature on chrome:/flags is still required, this restores the ability to toggle audio on individual tabs by tapping or clicking the audio icon.

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Type or copy and paste chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting in the address bar of Chrome, then press Walk in.
  • Of Tab mute UI control setting, you can select Disabled (default) or Enabled.
  • Close and relaunch Chrome

To test, open any music or video website and play. Note that a speaker icon will be available. Click on it to mute the sound. If it works, you have enabled the tab’s audio mute feature.

Extensions that help mute the audio tab

Chrome browser add-ons increase productivity and find content from the ease of the browser. It helps you be safer, smarter and more productive. The nice thing is that you have a lot of options to choose from. With just one click, the Google Chrome online store offers several solutions. We’ve compiled a list of the best.

Tab Muter Extension

Tab Muter Extension

If you want to disable individual tabs instead of entire websites, you should try Tab Mute. This expansion helps disable a specific tab, and no need to pause if you switch to another tab. The Chrome browser cannot automatically detect which tabs should play audio, but this extension allows the user to make that decision.

  • Go to the Mute page tab and select To add to Chrome, then Add extension in the upper right corner.
  • In your List of extensionsyou will see an icon that looks like a black speaker.
  • If you don’t notice it right away in the top corner of Chrome, click on the puzzle piece symbol and look for it there.
  • press the Thumbtack next to ensure that the Tab Muter icon is still visible.
  • To disable a tab, open it and click the black speaker symbol. The tab will be muted instantly.

smart mute Extension

Smart Mute Extension

SmartMute has a feature that mutes all tabs except the active one, which means you can finally watch videos without being annoyed by those random pop-up ads. However, the last active tab will continue to play audio even if you switch to a tab without audio content. It’s also possible to disable all tabs if you want a moment of silence. It also offers rules such as allowed websites, deny list, silent mode, or the ability to exclude pinned tabs.

How do I control audio playback for individual sites?

First, open Google Chrome at the top right, click the three dots Icon, and find Settings. Click on above. Then click on the Privacy and Security, that appears in the left pane, then Sound, after which you can select the option you want as the default settings for individual sites.

How can I reduce tab volume in Chrome?

You can achieve this by using the volume master Extension. You can lower the tab volume in Chrome Volume Master via the blue icon next to the address bar. Once installed, hold and drag the volume button to change tab volume now. You can easily download it from the Chrome Web Store.

There are several options for controlling the sounds that play in your browser. You can use one of these extensions or enable the mute audio tab for a simple on-off feature to make sure you are not disturbed by browser background audio.

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