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How to Enable or Disable Inactivity Detection in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a market-leading browser, without a doubt. It is loved and used by many users around the world. However, this does not prevent Google from adding new features. In fact, it encourages them to add new features and make the user experience better than the best. That being said, some of the features it adds are more controversial than others. One of these characteristics is Inactivity detection. In this article, we are going to see how you can enable or disable Google Chrome‘s inactivity detection feature and discuss this feature in more detail.

What is Inactivity Detection in Chrome Browser?

Inactivity detection, as the name suggests, will identify when you are inactive and not interacting with the website. So if your mouse or keyboard is not moving, or if the screen server is enabled, or if you switch to another tab. Then this information will be sent to the developer. As you might have guessed, this raised a few eyebrows. Users reasonably consider privacy issues.

If anyone wants to see the bright side, the obvious merit of this feature is that it will allow the developers to make the site more engaging. According to Google, Idle Detection will intelligently change the way you use the web. Here are some of the things that inactivity detection will enable.

Besides these features, it will allow developers to use this information in all sorts of ways. And according to most reviewers, that’s a cause for concern. This information can then be used to manipulate their ideas. Additionally, Google, a company with a poor privacy record, provides information about your activity to companies that are not deprived of this criticism.

Even though the feature is enabled in Chrome 93 and later, Google gives you control over this feature. Whether you want to enable or disable inactivity detection is up to you. Below we will see how you can deactivate it and reactivate it if you wish. So, let’s move on to the guide.

How to Disable Inactivity Detection in Google Chrome

If you want to disable inactivity detection on your Google Chrome browser, follow the prescribed steps.

  1. Open Chromium.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots and select Settings or paste chrome://settings in the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Go to Security and Privacy > Site Settings.
  4. Click on Additional Permissions.
  5. Look for Using your device and click on it to open it.
  6. Select Don’t let sites know when you’re actively using your device of the default behavior.

This will disable Inactivity detection.

If you just want to prevent certain sites from using your activity data, click To add button associated with Not allowed to know when you are actively using your device.

It will do the work for you.

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How do I disable privacy sandbox and inactivity detection in Chrome?

To disable inactivity detection, scroll up and see the guide. You just need to go to Chrome settings and change the settings.

Before disabling Privacy Sandbox, we need to understand what it is, and to do that, we need to know what Google is as a company and what is FLOC.

Google derives a large portion of its revenue from advertisements. You may have noticed that most of the sites you visit contain some sort of advertisement. These ads are personalized for you based on your searches and activity. Previously, most companies tended to take this data and use it accordingly. They identify you as a separate token with a unique identity and then run advertisements specifically for you.

What Google, with FLoC, has tried to do is put you in a group with people of similar taste. Then they will give this information about the activity of this group to the companies to show ads to this group. This is done to enhance your privacy.

Many users disagree with the idea and want to disable this feature. Enabling Privacy Sandbox on your Chrome browser does not mean that FLoC is enabled on your computer. But that means Google has the right to enable it whenever it wants.

To disable privacy sandbox, paste the following URL into your address bar and hit enter.


Now disable the toggle of Privacy SandBox Trials.

That’s it!

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Enable or disable Google Chrome's inactivity detection feature