How to Delete Old AOL and Yahoo Accounts

If you’re one of those people with an unused account, the data associated with it — from your emails to your Yahoo Finance wallets — is still held in databases, available for use in targeted advertising and for other purposes. other business purposes.

Like most companies, AOL and Yahoo wrote extensive privacy policies that allowed the companies to use and share your data in various ways. The policies also anticipated the possibility of a sale, so your data can now be transferred to Apollo without asking your permission.

However, Apollo will at least need to follow the same guidelines as Yahoo and AOL in using consumer data, and if they plan to change the policy significantly, they will need to let you know. “Whatever privacy policy is in place, it will still apply after the sale,” says Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum, a California-based digital advocacy group.

Apollo is likely to go to work trying to make more money from this data. Verizon and Apollo Management did not respond to requests for information on how consumer data would be used after the acquisition, but analysts report that the company intends to continue operating the platforms rather than to sell consumer information separately. “It’s not a purely data-driven deal,” says Seth Shafer, senior analyst at S&P Global, a global financial research firm. “I don’t think they’re going to part with the business and sell it.”

This means that if you actively use an account, there may not be an increased risk to your privacy. However, if your accounts have been left inactive, you are letting companies trade your data and make money from it without any benefit to you. And if there ever is a data breach, like a Yahoo data breach that started in 2013 and affected 500 million users, that just means hackers will get more of your information, which could be used for scams or identity theft.

If you want to delete your accounts, it’s relatively easy to do.