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How to Customize Scroll Bar in Google Chrome with Custom Scroll Bars

If you use Google Chrome as your browser of choice, you may have looked at the customization options. So here’s how to customize the browser’s scroll bar.

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Google Chrome is the most popular web browser, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Browsers like Opera and Vivaldi have better personalization settings than Google’s. However, there are many extensions for Chrome that you can use to customize the browser.

Custom Scrollbars is an extension of note that lets you customize Chrome’s scroll bar. It allows users to change the color scheme, roundness and width of the scroll bar. Here’s how to customize Chrome’s scroll bar with custom scroll bars.

To get custom scroll bars, open the extension on the Chrome Web Store in Google Chrome. Click it + Add to Chrome button on this web page. Select the Add extensions possibility to confirm.

If you don’t see a Custom Scrollbars button in the URL toolbar after you install it, click the button Extensions option. Then select the Pin option for custom scroll bars. Then click on the extension button to view the settings.

The custom scroll bar extension button

It is best to customize the scroll bar through the extension tab. So press the Options button to display this tab. Here you can explore all of the Custom Scrollbars customization settings from there.

The Options tab of the custom scroll bar

To download: Custom scroll bars for Google chrome (To free)


The best thing about custom scrollbars is its color customization options. With this extension, you can change both thumb and track colors of the scroll bar with thumb and track palettes.

You can customize the scroll bar color scheme with these palettes as follows.

  1. Select the Yes radio button for the Use custom colors option.
  2. Left click and drag the small circle onto the Scroll bar thumb color palette to select a color.
  3. You can also choose different shades for the color you selected by dragging the HSV bar sliders up and down.
    The thumb scroll bar color palette
  4. Drag the circle into the Scroll bar track color palette to choose a color for the track bar.
  5. Click on To safeguard to apply the new color scheme to the scroll bar.
    A colorful Google Chrome scroll bar
  6. To check the color scheme of your new scroll bar, open the Google search engine and enter a keyword. Then you can scroll the Google search results page from top to bottom with your colored scroll bar.

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Do you prefer a wider or thinner Google Chrome scroll bar? The extension includes a Adjusting the width of the scroll bar you can configure. Select the Large Where Thin radio buttons to change it.

Otherwise, click on the Other radio button. Then you can enter a value in the text box to change the width of the scroll bar as you like. The default unit of measure is pixels, but you can select others from the drop-down menu.

The scroll bar width options

If you’re tired of the rectangular scroll bar in Chrome, change the Roundness setting. You can do this by dragging the Roundness of the scroll bar bar cursor. Dragging this bar more to the right will increase the roundness of the slider of the scroll bar, as in the screenshot just below.

The scroll bar rounding option

This extension also includes a Scroll bar buttons ooption. You can select Nothing to remove the arrow buttons at the top and bottom of the bar. Otherwise, select the Light Where Dark options to have a white or black button arrow.

The Scroll bar buttons option

When you’re done customizing the scroll bar, don’t forget to click the To safeguard button. Personalization changes will not be applied to page tabs if you do not select this option.

Custom scroll bars allow users to configure and save other scroll bar customizations. Then you can choose to apply different scroll bars to specific sites through website rules.

Here’s how to set up alternate scrollbars and apply them to different websites:

  1. To configure another custom scroll bar, click the button + New button.
    The + New button
  2. press the + Rename to enter a name for the new scroll bar.
  3. Customize the scroll bar with the settings of the extensions as shown above and press the button To safeguard button.
  4. Then click Website rules in the extension tab.
    Website rules settings in the custom scroll bar
  5. Press the + To add button to open the text box in the snapshot directly below.
  6. Enter a website URL for the scroll bar in the Domain text box.
    The Website domain text box
  7. Choose a bar on the Scrollbar scrolling menu.
  8. Then select the To safeguard option.
  9. Check the box of the website domain you added to select it.
    A website domain checkbox
  10. press the To safeguard button to apply.

The scroll bar personalization settings is something Google should have added to Chrome. In fact, most browsers would need more scroll bar options. Without these options available, you’ll have to settle for the Custom Scrollbars expansion instead.

So you don’t have to stick to the same bland old scroll bar. Improve Google Chrome’s scroll bar with custom scroll bars. This extension includes decent customization settings to change the look and style of the scroll bar on Chrome pages.

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