How to Create a Yahoo! Account


With a free Yahoo account, you have access to various services including email, calendar, and contacts. If you want to get started with that, here’s how to create your Yahoo account.

To create an account on Yahoo, you will need an active Internet connection and a mobile phone with SMS capabilities. Also be prepared to enter identifying information, such as your first name, last name, and date of birth.

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Create a new yahoo email account

To start setting up your account, first open a web browser on your device and launch the Yahoo site.

In the upper right corner of Yahoo, click “Login”. This will open a page where you can log in and create a new account.

Click on "Login" in the upper right corner of Yahoo.

On the login page that opens, under the login form, click “Create an account”.

To select "Create an account."

You will see a “Register” form. Enter your new Yahoo account details here, as explained below:

  • First name: Enter your first name here.
  • Last name: Type your last name here.
  • E-mail address: Enter the email address you want to create. If you type “mahesh”, your email address will be “[email protected]”.
  • Password: Enter the password to use with your new Yahoo account.
  • Phone number: Select a country code, then enter your phone number. You will receive a verification code on this number, so make sure it works.
  • Birth month, day, year: Enter your birthday details.
  • Genre: Optionally enter your gender.

Make sure you used a strong password. Then, at the bottom of the form, click “Continue”.

Complete the Yahoo signup form.

You will come to a “Verify your phone number” page. Here, make sure that the phone number entered is correct, then click on the “Text me a verification code” button.

Confirm the phone number and click "Text me a verification code."

Yahoo has sent a verification code to your phone. Check your phone’s messages folder, find the message from Yahoo and write down the code.

Back on the Yahoo site, enter the verification code and click “Verify”.

Enter the verification code and click "To verify."

You will be greeted with a “Welcome to Yahoo” message, indicating that your account has been successfully created. To access the Yahoo home page, click the “Done” button.

Click on "Do."

Your Yahoo account is now created and ready to use. To access Yahoo’s mail service, in the upper right corner of the Yahoo home page, click “Mail”.

Likewise, you can access all the other features offered by Yahoo.

Click on "To post" in the upper right corner of Yahoo.

And that’s how you start enjoying all the services that Yahoo offers to its users!

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