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How to assign a shortcut key to open Google Chrome bookmarks

Are you tired of opening one bookmark at a time on Google Chrome? You may not know this, but Google Chrome allows users to add keyboard shortcuts. If you’re an avid Chrome user, using keyboard shortcuts to manage bookmarks is a great idea. This post will help you assign keyboard shortcut to google chrome bookmarks to be able to open it quickly.

Set a shortcut key to open a specific bookmark or URL in Chrome

Assign keyboard shortcut to Google Chrome bookmarks

Assigning keyboard shortcuts to Google Chrome bookmarks is an easy way to open sites you visit frequently. This saves a lot of time and works efficiently. There are various Chrome extensions present in the store. You can choose one of them and get started right away! We reviewed two of them which we found to be great with great features. Looked!

1]Bookmark Shortcuts Extension

Bookmark Shortcuts Extension is a trendy Chrome extension for assigning keyboard shortcuts to Google Chrome bookmarks. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to ten Google Chrome bookmarks with this extension.

Chrome Bookmarks Shortcuts Extension

You can add ten different keyboard shortcuts to ten of these bookmarks. When the user presses the shortcut, the bookmark URL opens in the browser. Remember that the first ten bookmarks present in the list will receive designated hotkeys.

The extension uses the Alt key to assign shortcuts. For example, Alt+1 will open the first saved bookmark. Similarly, Alt + 2 will launch the second one. In this way, it will continue until the tenth saved bookmark.

2]Custom Chrome Shortcut Manager

Another well-known chrome extension that can assign keyboard shortcuts to Google Chrome bookmarks is Custom Chrome Shortcut Manager. With this expansion, you can easily add an alias to the bookmark URL. The extension lets you create custom words and assign them shortcuts for websites.

Custom Chrome Shortcut Manager

Plus, the Chrome extension is easy to use. Installing it will cause its icon to appear in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser. After that, you can assign any alias to the bookmark URL. You need to enter the alias or custom word on the left side and the full website URL on the right side.

Once the shortcuts are entered, type Go in the Omnibox. Press Tab, then enter the site alias, and the extension will easily take you to the website. The process is simple and makes it easy to launch sites with relative ease.

I hope the post was helpful and now you can access bookmarks even faster.

Why assign keyboard shortcuts to bookmarks?

Essentially, hotkeys are a combination of keyboard keys that help the user to perform multiple tasks efficiently. Using these shortcuts will save you time and effort.

Assigning keyboard shortcuts to Google Chrome bookmarks is essential. With the shortcut, you don’t need to find the websites or go to the manager to access them. Instead, you can open sites quickly and get the job done.

However, since there is no direct way to assign keyboard shortcuts, you should opt for an effective Chrome extension. Fortunately, several options are present in the App Store. You can choose the one you want depending on the functionality.

Does Chrome offer keyboard shortcuts for bookmarks?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to assign a keyboard shortcut to Google Chrome bookmarks. This is because the browser does not have this feature built-in. The only bookmark shortcut you will find in Google Chrome is Ctrl + Shift + O. It will lead to the Chrome bookmark manager. Now you have to select one bookmark at a time to access it.

How to navigate your bookmarks with Chrome keyboard shortcuts?

To browse your bookmarks with Chrome keyboard shortcuts, follow the steps below:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + O at the same time. This is a keyboard shortcut and will lead to opening the Chrome bookmark manager.
  • In the bookmarks bar, you will see the list of bookmarks that you have saved on the browser.
  • Press Tab and the list will be selected
  • Now you can use arrow keys for direction
  • Use the arrow key to go to the desired bookmark
  • Hit Enter, and it will launch the website immediately
  • Pressing Tab seven times will lead to the left tree of bookmarks
  • Then you can use the arrow keys to navigate to any of the listed folders
  • Press Tab to select the folder you want
  • There you can choose the bookmark you want.

How to launch any website with a Chrome keyboard shortcut?

Want to launch the site of your choice with a Chrome keyboard shortcut? In this case, you must follow the steps described below:

  • Go to the website you want to launch.
  • Drag the icon on the far left of the Omnibox with your mouse
  • This will lead to the creation of a shortcut to the website on the desktop
  • Right click on the shortcut you just created
  • Go to properties
  • Select the web document
  • Go to shortcut key
  • Here you need to enter the key combinations you want for the website
  • However, it would be useful to keep in mind that it must start with – Ctrl + Alt + Shift, Ctrl + Shift or Ctrl + Alt. After that you can add any other key
  • Click to save the keyboard shortcut

Now pressing that particular hotkey will immediately launch the website.

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