How much Baidu pays US engineers, researchers and marketers

  • Baidu is the Chinese search engine giant that is dabbling in artificial intelligence, cloud computing and self-driving technology.
  • He is hiring for research and engineering positions in the United States.
  • Insider examines how much Baidu has paid visa holders for its positions in the United States.

Chinese search giant Baidu wants to enter the metaverse – and it’s hiring.

The company held China’s first metaverse conference in late December, inviting artificial intelligence (AI) developers to a meeting on its “Xirang” (pronounced “see-rung”) virtual reality platform, Nikkei reported.

Baidu isn’t a household name in the US, but it’s one of China’s biggest tech companies, boasting 1 billion internet users. It was founded 22 years ago in Beijing by Robin Li and Eric Xu, and was initially based on an algorithm, RankDex, which Li developed to rank pages and rate sites.

RankDex was later referenced by Google in a patent for the latter’s algorithm, Forbes wrote.

Over the years, Baidu has become the dominant search engine in China, earning it the nickname “Chinese Google”. It held an 84% market share last month, according to Statcounter GlobalStats. This is partly because some foreign search engines such as Google and Yahoo don’t work in China. Li’s personal wealth is estimated at $8.03 billion on Wednesday, according to Bloomberg, down from its peak of $24.5 billion in February last year, before Beijing began to tighten its control. on Chinese Internet companies.

Baidu has expanded its scope to include areas of strategic importance to China, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, autonomous driving and other technologies. It is looking for talent outside of China to help it grow in these sectors.

The company is currently recruiting for 48 positions in these fields in the United States, based in its offices in Sunnyvale, California, or Seattle, Washington. Baidu does not list salaries, but like all US-based companies, its US units must disclose salaries for visa workers.

Insider analyzed publicly available supply data from 2021 to see how much it paid foreign workers hired in the United States. Last year, he made offers to 25 employees, mostly in engineering and research, with the majority of roles earning base salaries in excess of $150,000.

Figures include base salary only and do not include stock awards or additional bonuses. They also do not cover all employee offers, only those made to workers coming on a visa.

Read on to see how much you could earn at Baidu: