Graduate Jobs at Yahoo

Graduate Jobs at Yahoo


Yahoo is hiring an experienced Network Quality Optimization Specialist to work remotely. The Assoc Network Quality Optimization Specialist’s role is to ensure that Yahoo’s supply and demand policies are adhered to by advertisers and publishers. Ensure the integrity of the data on which publishers and networks base their settings and preferences on the exchange.

The full details of this work are as follows:

What are you going to do:

Review and tag creatives for different aspects of advertising in accordance with defined policies (adult, gambling, weapons, politics, etc.) using Yahoo‘s proprietary tools to ensure only compliant ads are approved and broadcast.

Review display/native/video ads on Yahoo partner sites in accordance with our advertising standards and competitor exclusion guidelines

Use data to detect risky advertiser trends and implement processes to mitigate risk

Work on separate projects to meet market needs and team priorities

Work with cross-functional teams such as product, engineering, policy, legal and account management to make sound decisions and ensure advertising market safety

Create dashboards and reports for trend analysis

In-depth analysis at the level of different entities based on trends

Qualifications for this position:

Bachelor’s degree in any field.

Understanding of the digital advertising space and part of the quality of advertisers and publishers

Knowledge of the field of online advertising and related technologies

Experience working with emerging/in-development advertising products

1-3 years in an online marketing or editorial role

In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Google Suite

Strong strategic thinking, problem solving and analytical skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects and responsibilities simultaneously

Ability to easily adapt to changing priorities with strong attention to detail

Ability to interact with and learn unfamiliar digital tools and systems

Ability to make logical and consistent judgments on issues of policy and relevance

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Excellent time management skills

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