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Google Chrome is by far the most vulnerable browser in 2022: study

A new study from AtlasVPN found that Google Chrome is the most vulnerable web browser in 2022. According to the report, Chrome recorded 303 vulnerabilities this year. It is also the only web browser that has already recorded new security vulnerabilities in October 2022.

After Google Chrome, in a distant second place (which is actually a good thing), is Mozilla Firefox, with 117 vulnerabilities, while Microsoft Edge comes in third with 103. Safari and Opera come in fourth and fifth with 26 and 0 ( zero) vulnerabilities, respectively.

Chart for web browsers

In terms of all-time numbers, Chrome also tops the list with 3,159 vulnerabilities since its launch in September 2008. While Firefox, Safari, and Opera are all older than Chrome, they have far fewer lifetime vulnerabilities. 2361, 1139 and 344, respectively. Edge, which launched in 2015, has a total of 806 vulnerabilities.

To mitigate the risk of hackers exploiting browser vulnerabilities to attack your system, be sure to install browser updates as soon as they become available. Also, carefully review browser extensions before installing them, as some of them may have vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can take advantage of. Finally, always beware phishing attacks as threat actors often use platforms such as email to distribute malware capable of exploiting various browser flaws.

Source: AtlasVPN