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Google Chrome gets a new user interface – Phandroid

Google Chrome has finally released a new side panel interface that houses both your bookmarks and reading list. It’s included in the stable 99 release of Chrome and reduces the need to show your bookmarks bar all the time.

How it works?

When you’re in Chrome, click the icon in the top-left corner of your profile avatar to open Chrome’s new side panel. This was the location of your playlist button.

A two-tab panel opens when you select this button, displaying your Reading List and Bookmarks next to each other. The panel then resizes your current page to make room for it. When you switch between tabs, the panel remains open. You can quickly hide it by clicking the icon or the “x” button on the right.

The Reading List tab retains all the functionality of the previous interface, including the ability to add the current page to the list, mark articles as read, or delete a site.

The Bookmarks tab is located to the right of the Reading List and displays all of your bookmarked pages.

Favorite new feature?

The new side panel is just one of many useful features in Chrome 99. The current version of the browser also features a download shortcut at the top and a date picker, among several other useful features. the latest updates to see what your favorite new feature may be.