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Google Chrome brings some shine to Windows 11 to Windows 10

Google’s latest version of its Chrome browser comes with an interesting change that lets you experience a bit of Microsoft’s Windows 11 redesign in Windows 10, namely rounded corners.

As Windows Latest noticed, Google has just released Chrome 96, which comes with an experimental flag that any user can turn on if they want. This gives Chrome menu boxes rounded corners rather than straight edges – and also adds a subtle drop shadow effect to the boxes – as seen with the Windows 11 interface redesign.

Even Windows 10 users can benefit from the new effects by simply turning on the flag for Chrome, as follows:

  • Type Chrome: // flags in the URL address bar (where you type web addresses) and press Enter
  • In the search box at the top, search for Windows 11
  • The result of the Windows 11 style menus will appear and in the drop-down list next to it, select “Enabled – All versions of Windows”
  • You will be told that the change will not take effect until you restart Chrome. Close all instances of the browser and restart it.
  • To disable this feature, just follow the same steps but select “Default” (or “Disabled”) from the drop-down menu

Analysis: The (rounded) shape of things to come for Chrome?

While this is still a change in testing – so it’s tucked away in the flags section of the browser – it’s likely we’ll see this completely introduced for the web browser in the not too distant future. Maybe with other embellishments in other parts of Google Chrome, to boot. As far as we’re concerned, that’s a good thing, as we much prefer the modern look of the rounded corners to the straight edges.

Chrome 96 ushered in a bunch of other changes as well, and as always, there’s a healthy dose of security fixes (25 in this case). Google has also speeded up browsing forward and backward with recently visited sites, using browser cache to improve performance, so everything will feel a bit faster in this regard (following recent optimization work). for Chrome on Android).