Google Algorithm Update, Bing Sitemap Submission by Spammers, FID to INP, New Google Ad Tag and RIP Bill Slawski

There was another unconfirmed update on May 16, about 6 months since the last confirmed Google Core update. Spammers have killed the Bing anonymous sitemap submission method. Google will probably replace FID with INP in Core Web Vitals. Google Search Console performance reports now show education questions and answers. There may be a new form of spam in the info card in Google Search. Google asks some Internet users for more search terms when their query is too short. Google scroll to text and highlight now allows some users to share this highlighted text. Google displays video thumbnails in the SERPs without the video player being embedded on the page. Google recipe results can be split into segments in search results. Google Ads is testing replacing ad wording with sponsored wording. Google’s hotel results use reviews for “things to do” and more. Bing‘s autocomplete search bar also tests trending searches, related searches, and people ask too. 75% of SEOs say you really need your own website to rank well. And Google had their new campus, the Google Bay View campus and it looks amazing. And I’m so sad to report that the industry has lost a legend, the mentor of all SEOs, Bill Slawski. And if you want to help sponsor these vlogs, go to It was the news of search this week during the roundtable on search engines.

I’m also doing a live COVID test, since everyone is sick at home…

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