Download the new BGR Chrome extension, powered by Bing search

If you’re looking for all your BGR news in one place, there’s a new way to get it. BGR has partnered with Microsoft Bing for a Google Chrome extension called BGR News & Search. With this new extension, you’ll be able to read the latest tech news, daily deals coverage, and expert product reviews from BGR’s team of trusted product reviewers and journalists.

BGR Google Chrome extension provides all guides, reviews, news, finds, offers and more BGR content.

BGR News & Search brings the latest stories straight to your browser when you open a new tab. It uses Microsoft Bing to display curated BGR stories in your search results. This ensures that you’ll see the latest BGR stories related to whatever topic you’re looking for.

BGR Extension on Google Chrome

The BGR News & Search extension for Google Chrome.

The BGR News & Search Google Chrome extension, provided by Microsoft Bing, is easy to download. All you have to do is visit this link on your Chrome browser. At the top right, click “Add to Chrome” to set it up for your use.

This will allow you to view your custom BGR feed every time you open a new tab. Microsoft Bing will be set as your default search engine to bring you relevant BGR content every time you browse the web.

Quick links that deliver your news

BGR Chrome Extension
A screenshot showing the BGR News & Search extension for Google Chrome. Image source: Google

There are quick links that will take you directly to the news you are looking for on BGR. Your favorite BGR sections, including news, offers, technology, reviews and guides, are also displayed, allowing you to jump directly to these pages on BGR for the latest content.

Getting the feed you want and the news you need is always a few clicks away. And downloading the extension is quick and easy. So it’s a guarantee that you won’t miss any great BGR content with the new Google Chrome extension, powered by Microsoft Bing.

We’re really excited to be able to bring this extension and features to our loyal audience, and to ensure that BGR’s technology, entertainment, and science coverage will continue to be a part of your browsing.