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XINYANG, HENAN, CHAIN, Sept. 30, 2022 / — On September 28, 2022, domatters company published a blog, the blog content gave specific explanation on how to do Baidu SEO and focused on the problem of common search engines in China. The article explains what Baidu SEO is and how to do Baidu SEO, as follows

What is Baidu SEO?

Baidu seo refers to Chinese search engines – Baidu Search. Search engine optimization is the process of ensuring that the website meets search engine indexing and ranking requirements through internal website tuning and optimization and off-site optimization. , to get free traffic for business, improve business performance and brand promotion.
SEO promotion on Baidu is an effective method. All aspects of the website are optimized to make website content more compliant with search engine crawling principles, bringing a steady stream of free traffic to the company’s website. This way, when users search for relevant keywords, the relevant information on the company’s website will be displayed in priority.
Moreover, there are many ways to optimize Baidu SEO, but in general, it is always through on-site optimization and off-site optimization to improve website ranking. However, in the Baidu SEO optimization ranking process, the most commonly used is comprehensive keyword optimization. The general formal method is to sort by keyword index, i.e. the larger the index, the higher the fee.
But if the search engine ranking increases, pay per user click. Therefore, Baidu’s SEO promotion is mainly to improve the ranking of the website by optimizing the keywords, in order to realize the economic benefits of the company.

Why Baidu SEO in China matters

Baidu, like Google, will likely remain an integral part of the Chinese market for the foreseeable future. This means that companies doing business in China must ensure that their websites are optimized for Baidu if they want to take full advantage of the Chinese market.
What are the common Chinese search engines?
1.Baidu search; 2. Shenma search, only a mobile search engine, which belongs to the second search engine of the mobile terminal 3. Google search 4. 360 search 5. Search Sogou 6. Bing.
Google is the world’s most popular and widely used search engine, although Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, covering 95% of Chinese internet users globally. In China, Google is also an indispensable search tool for foreign merchants, especially in coastal areas, such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc. Google is still very popular.
Baidu’s search and SEO tools offer great insight into the Chinese market and specific target audiences, and while Baidu and Google may look similar on the outside, there are actually significant differences between the two platforms. And Baidu includes more features and ads in its search results, and pays keen attention to the Chinese market and consumer shopping habits.
PC search engine market share in China from January to June 2022
Baidu’s market share in China is 51.68%;
Bing is second with a market share of 25.87%;
Sogou ranked third with a market share of 10.09%;
Google is fourth with a market share of 7.33%;
Haosou ranked fifth with a market share of 4.42%;
It can be seen from the search engine usage statistics that search engine competition on the PC side is still extremely strong, but it is evident that Baidu’s strategic position has indeed shifted to the mobile side with more traffic.
Market share of tablet-side search engines in China from January to June 2022
Baidu’s market share in China is 89.69%;
Bing is second with a market share of 6.46%;
Google is third with a market share of 1.74%;
Sogou fourth, with a market share of 0.93%;
YANDEX is fifth with a market share of 0.66%;
Haosou (formerly 360) ranks sixth with a market share of 0.23%;

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