Do you remember Bing? A different option for Google Hotels

Few people would say that metasearch engines are not an essential showcase for your direct sales channel.

According to our figures, they help generate 5-20% of total web sales. The latest to have captured this wave is Bing (owned by Microsoft) with the launch of Bing Hotel Price Ads, to offer you a full range of services to reach your customers at different stages of the decision and purchase process (conversion funnel) .

Why invest in Bing Hotel Price Ads?

Bing is the second most popular search engine in the world with a 7% share in the United States and Canada (12% among desktop users, for example) and 4% in Europe (up to 11% in the United Kingdom). United for desktop users), making it a good way to reach potential new customers (that you’re not already reaching, thus extending your reach) and to diversify investments beyond the Google ecosystem.

Bing Hotel Price Ads is therefore a great opportunity to recover sales from customers who are looking for you but end up with OTAs because they are the only ones to bid on your name. A rather strange investment that OTAs make with your money. Commissions you pay on those sales.

Some figures for Bing’s audience:

  • 140 million monthly users worldwide
  • 66 million non-Google users who make up that much sought-after extended reach.
  • Much better known in English-speaking markets led by the US, UK and Canada, followed by the rest of Europe.
  • Significant market shares such as more than 11% of European markets and 12% of US PC search markets.

Other important Bing facts to keep in mind:

  • Its audience has a higher purchasing power than the average Internet user.
  • An ecosystem that does not yet have many advertisers, which results in less competition and therefore less CPC.
  • Like other metasearch engines, it allows you to increase your direct sales and grow your customer database, which is becoming increasingly important as we move towards a world with fewer cookies.

Where are the advertisements displayed?

On the search results page or SERP, to the right of the results in a layout similar to Google. The screen displays the Bing Places tab, which contains all your hotel information, photos and reviews, displaying content from TripAdvisor and other sources like and Foursquare.

You need to have complete and up-to-date information about your hotel, and it’s critical that the information is exactly the same as what’s shown in the feed, to avoid ad-matching issues. The hotel can claim ownership and change its listing on Bing Places.

In addition to SERP search results, Bing Hotel Price Ads also appear on Bing Maps where users typically search by destination rather than hotel name.

To target these potential customers, who are additional potential demand for you, Bing offers campaigns called Property Promotion Ads, similar to Google’s Property Promotion Ads, which help increase the visibility of your listings in search results. destination.

These ads are great for brand awareness, for new openings, or to promote a hotel during low occupancy times.

What bidding models and optimization options does it have?

The bidding model for Hotel Ads is CPC, per bid per night. You can bid either a fixed bid per night or a percentage of the booking value.

For greater granularity in your bidding, Bing offers the following bid multipliers:

  • Device type
  • Type of appointment
  • Type of site (maps, SERPs)
  • User country or region
  • Length of stay
  • Arrival date
  • Advance booking window

The multipliers are the same as on most metasearch engines; the only one you won’t find is the accommodation date multiplier offered by other metasearch engines such as TripAdvisor and Google.

Since it works similarly to Google Hotel Ads, you should bid the same as Google Hotel Ads and use the same bid multipliers as Google Hotel Ads. Like Google Hotel Ads and Ads, Bing Hotel Ads auctions are managed on the same dashboard used to manage Bing Ads.

What results can I expect?

It’s hard to predict, but it would be reasonable to expect something similar to the relationship between Bing Ads and Google Ads.

After analyzing the data for 2021 for all of our clients who invest in both Google Ads and Bing Ads, we can see that 6% of total sales came from Microsoft’s search engine. If you hit the same percentage (TBC), you could expect to generate 6% of the sales you currently generate through Google Hotel Ads. Although it may not seem like much, it increases direct sales.

In addition, and although the results are still preliminary, we have seen the following results in the first hotels we have tested in recent months: ROAS of 20-30 (similar to Google Hotel Ads using CPC). In other words, equivalent commissions of the order of 3 to 5%.

Which hotels need to enable Bing Hotel Price Ads?

  • Hotels that broadcast in markets such as the US, Canada and the UK, followed by the rest of Europe.
  • Hotels that already use Bing Ads because, as with Google, it ensures maximum visibility of the hotel’s direct channel on the search engine.
  • Hotels with high conversion rates in other metasearch engines.
  • Hotels looking to capture additional traffic.

We also recommend investing without predetermined limit within the framework of a fixed budgetbut subject to achieving a return above a threshold.

How can I activate Bing Hotel Ads?

To activate campaigns, you need:

  • To update your Bing Places listing
  • A partner to help you integrate Bing Hotel Price Ads. Unfortunately, Bing does not currently publish a list of these partners. So you should ask your current meta-search provider to integrate Bing Hotel Price Ads.

Where can I view campaign performance?

All performance information is available in the Bing Hotel Ads dashboard and can be easily exported. You can find all the basic performance metrics to better optimize this meta search engine.

At Mirai, in the coming weeks, you will be able to see all these data reports (including costs, visits, conversions and sales ratios and other figures) in our Mirai Metasearch dashboard.


An essential part of a good direct sales strategy is to attract as much relevant traffic as possible.

And to do so at every stage for the traveler and every part of the funnel. Bing Hotel Price Ads gives you another showcase where your hotel can be seen by many non-Google users who now end up with OTAs because they are the only ones bidding on your hotel.

Bing Hotel Price Ads is also an alternative investment to proven targets (Trivago and TripAdvisor), including the entire Google ecosystem (Ads and Hotel Ads), reducing your dependence on a single medium and diversifying your investments and sources of traffic and sales.