Bing’s IndexNow for WordPress, Google SEO Topics, Links in 2022 and more

It was a slow start to 2022, but I guess it’s welcomed by most of you – I have my January 2022 Google webmaster report live, if you take off you’ll want to read it and catch up. delay. Microsoft Bing released a WordPress plugin to allow WordPress sites to easily add IndexNow functionality. The Google Search Console Product Rich Results report has been updated. Google has stated that the quality of the different languages ​​on your site may impact other language sections of your site. Google has stated that pages that look like error pages can be considered software 404 pages and removed from the index. Google said stock levels shouldn’t impact your rankings. Google has stated that it is not necessary to follow internal links to pages that contain affiliate links. Google has said that you can ignore link reports that display “toxic” links. Google said keyword density is still not a thing in 2022. Google may be showing more web stories in the best stories carousel. If you work for a dealership, you can list your cars for sale in local Google results. Google is testing a read full response button in people who also ask. Google is testing a blue search bar header. Google is also testing a new design for visual stories and trending searches on Google Discover. Are you trying to add exact keywords to your Google Ads campaigns and Google says no they will be added broad match? Additionally, Google’s John Mueller on New Year’s Eve was helping SEOs and site owners. Google AdSense resumed the associated search experiments after eight months it was supposed to be suspended for only two months. And if you’d like to help sponsor these vlogs, go to It was research news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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