Bing News PubHub switches to Bing Webmaster Tools

Microsoft has moved the Bing News PubHub from its own microsite to the global console Bing Webmaster Tools, the company announcement this morning. This makes it easier for publishers who have already verified their sites with Bing Webmaster Tools to access Bing News PubHub features.

Bing PubHub News. Bing News PubHub was first launched in June 2016 as a portal for news publishers to submit their sites, to While is still live, it now tells publishers “We’ve integrated Bing Webmaster, please go to Bing Webmaster Tool.”

What did he look like. Here is a screenshot of my site, the Search Engine Roundtable, awaiting approval in Bing News. Note that you can access Bing News PubHub in the left navigation in Bing Webmaster Tools:

How Bing rates news sites. Bing News uses the following criteria to evaluate news websites:

  • media value – Reports on timely events and topics of interest to people using our services. Content that does not focus on reporting, such as how-to articles, job postings, advice columns, product promotions, is not considered newsworthy. Likewise, content that consists strictly of news without including original reports or analysis, such as stock market data and weather forecasts, is not considered newsworthy.
  • Originality – This includes unique facts or viewpoints. Faced with numerous sources frequently reporting similar or identical content, originality or uniqueness becomes a key way to determine the value of an individual story to a user.
  • Authority –News sites with authority maintain the highest level of trust and respect from our users. Submissions must identify the sources, authors, and attribution of all content.
  • Readability –Content containing correct grammar and spelling and making the site design easy to navigate. Advertising should never interfere with the site experience.

Why we care. If you’re a publisher and want to see your approval status in Bing News, you can now log in to Bing Webmaster Tools, click on the Bing News PubHub and check your status there. If you haven’t yet submitted your site for approval, you can do so in this tool as well. If you have already been rejected, you can resubmit the site for further review.

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