Bing and Yandex now share URLs submitted from Microsoft’s Indexnow protocol

Microsoft announced IndexNow in October, a new protocol capable of indexing of web content in search engines Almost instantly. Microsoft Bing and Yandex were the first search engines to adopt IndexNow, while Google confirmed Search engine countries that it also consider adopting the new protocol.

IndexNow aims to make the Internet more efficient by allowing search engines to immediately see when a URL has changed, reducing the need to regularly crawl large and small websites to notice any changes. As IndexNow slowly gains momentum, Microsoft wants to accelerate adoption of the new protocol by allowing Bing, Yandex and other participating search engines to share URLs submitted from IndexNow.

“The IndexNow protocol ensures that all URLs submitted by webmasters to any IndexNow-compatible search engine are immediately submitted to all other similar search engines. Following the co-sharing of URLs submitted to search engines compatible with IndexNow Webmasters Just Need to Notify One Not only does it save effort and time for webmasters, but it also helps search engines in discovery, making the internet more efficient,” the team explained. Bing today.

According to Microsoft, IndexNow has already been adopted by “several search engines”, but the company did not provide further details. Additionally, the company claims that “over 80,000 websites have already started publishing and reaping the benefits of faster index submission.” It remains to be seen whether IndexNow will really have an impact on the search industry, but Microsoft Bing and Yandex still have a tiny market share compared to Google, which has yet to adopt the new protocol.

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