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In 1982 my father completed his family history book titled “Those Who Came Before Us”. He did a lot of research and I’m really glad he did. I am very proud to have this book, in fact I wrote one of my columns about it. It turns out that one of our direct descendants was William Brewster. He was one of 102 people who came to America on Mayflower in 1620. My father traveled to England and Scotland to research and confirm all of his facts. A year or two ago I bought a book written by Nathaniel, Bing Crosby’s son, and he mentions in the book that Bing was related to William Brewster. My father would have liked to know; he was a Bing fan for many years. If we go back far enough, we’re all related, but I’m happy to be able to claim a more direct kinship with “Cousin Bing” as well. I wrote a column on eNews on my dad’s book in January of last year. This column is titled “Genealogy and DNA”.

It’s hard to think of Bing without remembering his Christmas songs, and one of my favorite CDs is the one with 44 of his most popular holiday hits.

Bing Crosby’s version of “White Christmas” is the best-selling song of all time, in fact it’s also the most recorded song of all time. It was written by Irving Berlin and was introduced in the 1942 movie “Holiday Inn”. Many people think it would have been in the movie “White Christmas” first, but it didn’t happen until 1954. , however Bing starred in this movie. It’s amazing to me that there were over 500 singers who recorded different versions of “White Christmas”.

Bing Crosby records have sold nearly a billion copies. Bing had 41 number one records and 43 if you count the second and third charts of “White Christmas”, the Beatles had 24 and Elvis Presley had 18. Bing’s recordings have reached the charts 396 times, more than 209 times. of Frank Sinatra and the 149 combined of Elvis Presley.

Bing also sang “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” but cowboy star Gene Autry’s version is the most famous. He didn’t want to record the song, but his wife insisted that he record it. Gene has recorded many songs, but “Rudolph” is the song most people associate him with. Many people are unaware that the story of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” was written in 1939 as a promotional giveaway for customers of the Montgomery Ward department store chain. Songwriter Johnny Marks then wrote the lyrics for the song and developed the melody.

It seems that in November many radio stations start playing Christmas music. In fact, some stations only broadcast Christmas music. I love to hear all types of Christmas music, be it the more traditional type like “Silent Night” or a lighter song like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. Hearing Christmas music always makes me think about the true meaning of Christmas, it also reminds me of many special memories that I remember from the pleasant Christmases I spent with my grandparents in San Antonio and later with my sister in San Angelo When I was young.

This being the Christmas season reminds me of a time I was in a Christian bookstore many years ago. I had made a purchase and the saleswoman put my items in a bag with the phrase “Jesus is the reason for the season” printed on it. I commented that if we think about it, Jesus is the reason for any season. She said it was absolutely correct, but too many people tend to forget it. At all times and especially at Christmas, we must remember the true meaning of why we are celebrating this very special holiday; it’s more than Christmas sales and gifts.

I remember when as a kid I thought about what I could get. As I get older, I realize that what I can give back is more important. Two good friends of mine have just told me about a new program in our area called “Family Promises” which is designed to help the homeless and the Christmas season is a great time to help people who are facing so many. difficulties. To learn more about this very interesting program that the Google family promises on a computer, not only in our region but also in other places in the United States. I forgot to mention another very interesting program that has already taken place. A classmate told me about “Wreaths Across America” ​​a few years ago. It is too late to participate in this program for this year, but check it out and don’t forget to tell others; plus people who know about “Wreaths Across America” ​​can help make it bigger every year.

Hope you all have a safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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