After Google & Bing, the YOU search engine enters the big leagues

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), Bing (NASDAQ: MSFT) and all other search engines have a new member, which is YOU. Launched in 2020, the search engine startup last week raised $25 million in funding led by Radical Ventures. The funding received participation from Breyer Capital, Norwest Venture Partners, Day One Ventures and Salesforce (NYSE: RCMP) Time Ventures investment fund. To connect the dots, was developed by former Salesforce chief scientist Richard Socher.

YOU from SuSea Inc. is positioned as an alternative to Google and Bing from Microsoft Corporation. Larger competitors don’t offer as many search features as the startup’s engine. YOU use rows to organize the web pages that appear on a search results page. Each line represents an individual website. It is possible to search Wikipedia for a programming phrase and get Wikipedia articles on the term and related GitHub projects.

Vertical and horizontal scrolling of a search results page is now possible thanks to YOU. Search results pages allow users to expand individual content rows, such as those containing Wikipedia articles on programming terms, to display additional Wikipedia content. Scrolling down, as with other search engines, will bring up new sources of information.

Its competitors do not provide access to various specific features through the YOU search engine interface. Developers looking for technical support, such as snippets of open source code that they can include in their applications, will find this section optimized. A second part is devoted to finding nearby meal delivery applications.

YOU may create new content in addition to fetching it from the web under certain circumstances. The startup’s search engine incorporates an artificial intelligence tool capable of generating software code to answer questions in natural language. Apparently, the search engine does not show any ads.

After Google & Bing, the YOU search engine enters the big leagues

Over one hundred thousand people have used the YOU search engine. Search engine listings increased 70% in June, the startup told TechCrunch. Since last month, 30% more unique searches have been made by users and 50% of those who have chosen the platform as their default search continue to do so.

After receiving a $25 million investment round, YOU plans to further personalize its service for its subscribers. Some of these features will be developed internally by the startup. It also intends to open up to third-party developers so that they can create their unique applications.

YOU is the latest startup to secure venture capital funding in recent months as other enterprise product companies raise funds. AlphaSense Inc.’s search tool, which gives finance professionals quick access to stock insights and market patterns, raised $225 million in funding last month. Businesses also use the platform to keep tabs on their competitors’ business expansion plans. Earlier this year, Nuclia based in Barcelona secured $5.4 million to develop AI-powered search engine tools for software development teams.