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5 Google Chrome Features That Make It Better Than Microsoft Edge

If you want a web browser that can create documents, browse Twitter, and play Banjo Kazooie through Game Pass, then Google Chrome is the browser to beat.

However, compared to the late 90s, there is more than one web browser to choose from, with Opera, Firefox, Apple’s Safari and others trying to capture more market share.

Still, Chrome leads the way here, mostly thanks to its easy integration with Google’s other apps and online store. But with Internet Explorer retired on June 15, users may wonder whether switching to Microsoft’s Edge browser or Chrome is the best option.

With that in mind, we have five reasons why switching to Google Chrome would be a better choice for you.

1. Better extension support

Browser extensions

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of Chromium Online shop (opens in a new tab) has thousands of extensions (opens in a new tab) it may change the way Chrome works for you. One might be a coupon finder, another might be looking for misspellings when composing an email.

It’s as simple as searching for what you need, hitting install, and you can use it without having to restart the browser.

Compared to Microsoft Edge, even though it runs on the same web browser engine as Chrome, the steps may be longer. Some extensions may require you to download them first and then run them. Additionally, the default Edge Store offers far fewer choices than Google’s extension library.

2. Search engine

Google Chrome dark mode

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Between Bing and Google, there is no contest when it comes to the default search engine on Chrome.

While Bing has a nice homepage and accurate results information, Google feels faster and its design for displaying results is cleaner and more organized than Microsoft’s offering.

Granted, you can change the default search engine to whatever you want in both browsers, but when it comes to the first time you try to search for something, it’s a home run for Google Chrome.

3. Works on Chrome OS

Chromium operating system

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An obvious choice here, but a positive nonetheless – if you’ve used Google Chromebook Laptops before, you will find that Chrome’s browser is ubiquitous.

The machines are custom-built for Chrome, so if you’re a student, or just want something that does one thing well, a Chromebook will do it for you.

4. Better account synchronization

Chrome 90 Browser for iOS

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Once you sign in to your Google Account in Chrome, everything syncs – from your bookmarks to your passwords.

Some use Google Chrome as a “work web browser” and a way to keep all their work in a single app on their machine, helping them better separate work from personal life. Then, once they’ve used their work machine, the new favorites and extensions are synced, ready to go.

This is something that sets Chrome apart from Edge, as it can be slower to sync accounts when using Microsoft’s browser in our experience.

With Chrome available on android (opens in a new tab) and iOS (opens in a new tab)your data syncs automatically, so you never have to worry about whether that new bookmark has been saved.

5. Better autofill support

Chrome Password Manager

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Even though Chrome and Edge use similar engines that render all the websites you browse correctly, autofilling passwords and addresses is a faster affair in Chrome.

You can also add multiple addresses. For example, you can add one as a shipping address, while you can add your home address for anything else, and Chrome will give you the option to choose one or the other.

It also lets you enter multiple payment methods, allowing you to use certain cards to help pay for that surprise gift.