Baidu Launches World’s Largest Dialog Generation Model With 11 Billion Parameters

Earlier this week, Chinese internet giant Baidu released PLATO-XL, a pre-trained dialogue generation model with up to 11 billion parameters. It adopts the architecture of a unified transformer with high calculation and parameter efficiency. PLATO-XL performs a multi-stakeholder pre-training to better distinguish characteristic information in the conversation on social networks. As a result, it achieves […]

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Top 5 Ways to Remove Yahoo Search from Google Chrome

The search engine war is over. Google currently holds over 90% of the search engine market share. However, users are free to swipe with Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo from the company’s Google Chrome browser. If you keep getting redirected to Yahoo Search on Google Chrome, it’s time to switch from Yahoo to Google once and […]


Baidu AI Research Releases PLATO-XL: The World’s First Dialogue Generation Model (NLP) Pre-Trained On 11 Billion Parameters

Source: Artificial intelligence (AI) applications have a significant impact on our daily life, making it easier. One such application is AI bots that have already proven themselves in automating everyday tasks. These bots collect data and even mimic human discussions in real time, allowing humans to focus on more strategic activities. However, having clear, […]


Bing Search Engine Review | TechRadar

THE BEST OFFERS OF THE DAY Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, and it’s most commonly associated with Edge, the company’s browser. While Bing can stand out in terms of search results, often returning the same things as other major browsers, you’ll want to use the rest of the Microsoft product world to get the most […]

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Google Chrome for Android will soon open the desktop version of default websites

In an effort to give users the choice of opening websites however they want, Google is working on a feature that allows Chrome users to open the desktop version of websites by default on their Android smartphones. The ability to open the desktop version of a website isn’t new, what is new is that users […]


Microsoft News Recap: Firefox Tests Bing As Default Search Engine, Xbox Gets New Microsoft Edge, and More

Microsoft News Recap is a weekly feature highlighting top Microsoft news from the past week. Sit down, have a coffee and enjoy reading! Xbox September update brings Microsoft’s new Edge browser to Xbox consoles The Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S consoles received a new update this week. The September Xbox Update features […]


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By Julie Zhu HONG KONG: China’s competition regulator is unlikely to approve Baidu’s $ 3.6 billion acquisition of national live video streaming company YY Live from JOYY Inc, two sources told Reuters. direct knowledge of the matter. This follows Beijing’s decision to curb gaming-related businesses and business expansion through deals, they said. Baidu-JOYY deal said […]


EXCLUSIVE China Likely Won’t Approve Baidu’s $ 3.6 Billion Purchase of JOYY’s YY Live -sources

A Baidu logo is seen during the World Internet Conference (WIC) in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, China on November 23, 2020. REUTERS / Aly Song Register now for FREE and unlimited access to Register HONG KONG, Sept. 24 (Reuters) – China’s competition regulator is unlikely to approve Baidu’s $ 3.6 billion acquisition of national live […]


How Google Is Becoming A Popular Search Engine By Overcoming Yahoo And Bing

Sofia Noor Rafa | Posted: Sept. 24, 2021, 7:15 p.m. | Update: Sept. 30, 2021, 8:42 a.m. Why is Google the most popular and used search engine? It is one of the most debatable subjects of all time. The discussion about this might get bigger than it is great, and the facts can clash with […]