Microsoft Edge starts prompting users to return to Bing search

Microsoft Edge is far from the most popular browser on the web, but the company wants its users to use Bing as their default search engine. Microsoft’s Edge browser doesn’t have the huge market share that the soon-to-retire Internet Explorer browser once had, but the company has been busy adding features since switching to the […]


How to remove Bing from Windows 10 search in 2021

Searching in Windows 10 shows both your local PC and search engine results. If you’re having trouble finding a file or program, you might be wondering how to get rid of Bing results while still maintaining your normal search functionality. Today we are going to help you remove Bing from Windows 10 through a simple […]

Google chrome

Google Chrome’s New Feature Will Improve Web Application Productivity

Microsoft and Google are both working on new features to improve the experience of web apps on Windows 10 and other desktop platforms. For those who don’t know, PWAs or web apps are web pages that can be installed as native apps with support for offline viewing, push notifications, smooth scrolling, and more. PWAs are […]


Chrome generates new Bing search tabs after a Google search; YNews and Uazojv adware

There is a similar unreactive topic here: so I created this topic in an effort to move the resolution forward. Already advanced a bit on the post I wrote now in this topic. i9 Win 10 Pro 64 PC, Chrome, all fully updated, about 20 tabs open. Searching in Google and about 10 seconds […]


Verizon sells media companies including Yahoo and AOL to Apollo for $ 5 billion

Verizon will sell its media group to private equity firm Apollo Global Management for $ 5 billion, the companies said on Monday. The sale allows Verizon to offload properties from the former Internet empires of AOL and Yahoo. Verizon will retain a 10% stake in the company and will be renamed Yahoo. The sale will […]