How to Clear Bing Search History and Edge History

Sometimes you may want to clear your search history in Bing. You may have searched for something embarrassing, you may want to hide something (say a gift idea) or you may just be aware of your privacy. Usually the best way to avoid all these problems is to open an InPrivate or Incognito window and […]

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How to Remove Apps Button from Bookmarks Bar in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most powerful and popular web browsers. Since the launch of the browser, it has undergone several changes and got several new features, making it a leader in its class. It also supports apps, both proprietary and third-party, extending the functionality of the web browser. You can quickly access it […]

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How to Disable and Remove the “Apps” Button in Google Chrome

Google Chrome apps have changed a lot over the years, but one thing hasn’t changed: the “Apps” button in the bookmarks bar. If you don’t use Chrome Apps, that little button can be annoying. Fortunately, it is easy to remove. The “Applications” button is a default part of the Chrome bookmarks bar. Clicking on it […]


Gmail, Yahoo Mail and other Google apps keep crashing –

There were several reports yesterday that Google apps keep crashing after activation. Well, since this morning, the problem persists. Android user reports show that popular apps keep crashing after opening. In fact, in many cases, these apps won’t even open. Reports mention apps like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Google apps. According to Down Detector, an […]

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Top 6 Ways To Fix Google Chrome Search Engine By Switching To Bing

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the browser of choice for many desktop and mobile computers. Unsurprisingly, the browser comes with Google as the default search engine. Some users report that their Google Chrome automatically changes the search engine to Bing. When it comes to search results, Microsoft’s Bing still has a lot to catch up with […]


Microsoft Bing rolls out 5 search results upgrades

Microsoft Bing is launching five search updates that aim to evolve the SERPs beyond a list of links to give users a richer experience. Bing’s latest updates have one thing in common: they all combine visually rich images with textual information in a single view. The experience is described as more intuitive and engaging. The […]

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Google Chrome will replace third-party cookies with less intrusive tracking

Google has been cracking down on third-party cookies in its Chrome browser for over a year now, taking progressive steps to eliminate the code that collects data about you and shares it with the site you’re visiting. Cookies can be useful for storing your user name and password or for saving your shopping cart; but […]