Google chrome

Google Chrome gives you a no-track option

A reader got mad when I said Chrome was my favorite web browser. He wrote: “Do you realize that Chrome keeps track of everything you do on the Internet — browsing, searching and everything you write? I switched to Microsoft Edge after being a Chrome user for many years. really am.” It could be worse. […]


Auto-suggest, people also ask, and more

Bing is improving several key search features with updates designed to provide users with a wider range of results. Now, when users search using Bing, they can expect to see: Best auto-suggest predictions More “people also ask” recommendations Smart responses in more regions Semantic highlighting in search snippets Each of these updates is made possible […]

Google chrome

Import passwords from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge

Edge is a Chromium-based browser that looks more or less like Chrome. It has better privacy settings and also consumes less resources, which makes it an attractive alternative. If you’re considering making the switch, here’s how you can import passwords from google chrome to microsoft edge. Related – Change New Tab Background Image in Microsoft […]