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Google Chrome will crack down on display ads that consume battery and data

Google’s Chrome browser will start blocking resource-intensive ads around the end of August, the company said. announcement Thusday. Ads that are poorly timed, not optimized for the network, or mine cryptocurrency (seriously) can affect users’ devices, hogging network data and draining batteries. “We recently discovered that a fraction of percent of ads consume a disproportionate […]


Google vs. Bing: which is better? Is Google or Bing safer?

People can actually choose from over 20 different search engines. Most, however, stick to the most popular search engines, especially Google (92%) and Bing (2.5%). Google and Microsoft Bing take online security very seriously, which makes it very difficult to choose between them. Google’s ubiquity in the fabric of our daily lives makes it very […]


Microsoft will start changing Chrome’s search engine to Bing for opt-in customers

Microsoft this week revised the timeline for rolling out a Chrome browser extension for Office 365 customers, which at some point would have required users to switch to the company’s Bing search engine. Rather than shipping the Chrome add-on to the 2002 version of Office 365 ProPlus between February and July, the Redmond, Wash. will […]


How to Build Links for Bing vs Google

Have you ever wondered why you rank well (eg, page 1) on Google, but rank poorly (page 4 or lower) on other search engines, like Bing? It can be confusing. You have invested in SEO. Shouldn’t search engine optimization work for everything search engine? Well, not always. Good SEO is not just about optimizing for […]